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MyxShare is a Web App for collecting and sharing online public content favorites from multiple sources (soon) in one place – a digital 'Mixtape'.   Those great content links people find and share get lost forever in private bookmark lists or whatever message feed they're sent in.   Add the links to an MyxShare Mixtape, and the content remains there to be enjoyed or shared with friends whenever you wish!

Collect and share music, general entertainment, and even online favorites for kids of all ages.   Comes with a visual index that works on any modern device – and it’s a Web App, so no downloads and updates are automatic!

Create Mixtapes at all levels:   personal collections of anything, superfan shared collections of favorite creators or topics, professional promotion of artist/creator content portfolios, and even SuperZones, for individuals or businesses looking to provide curation based on broader categories than a single zone.   Everything is taken care of behind the curtain, including built in monetization, customization, and analytic tools for professionals.   MyxShare is an App, not a development tool!

The magic in MyxShare comes from the special community and sharing features only possible with Web Apps. Sign up for the Beta release now to learn more and be the first to experience MyxShare Mixtapes as it rolls out.

For Anything & Everything


Youtube is the #1 online music service in the world.   Vevo, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and the rest are also places to discover and share music, and Facebook is coming.   MyxShare Mixtapes provide a consistent experience for collections of music from any and all of these services (soon).

Users build collections of favorites  |  Superfans build themed tribute zones for their favorite Artists  |  Artists assemble monetized collections of their portfolios  |  Labels/Promoters build sponsored ‘collections of collections’ to promote content within specific contexts.

Enjoy the music knowing that it stays where the Artists intended.   Nothing is copied, no ad streams are interrupted, and no usage data is interfered with.   MyxShare provides an underlying index and a custom user interface, but the user streams the content directly from wherever the owner provided it.

Collect & Share Your Favorites


The broader category of general entertainment is an ideal application of MyxShare Mixtapes.

Individuals have eclectic tastes in online entertainment content and Mixtapes is an App to bring the best-of-the-best together in a personal showcase.   Individual collections can contain mixes of cat videos, Video blogs, DIY videos – even online movies.

Sports superfans create Mixtapes focused on teams, seasons, or playoffs.   Mixtapes always consist of public free content that can even be designed around events and changed or disposed of after the event.

Professionals, including video bloggers, business owners, event promoters, etc. can use Mixtapes to present their online content in an easy to update and frictionless distribution format.   The magic community sharing features and built-in monetization options will help to increase audience reach and profitability.


There is a ton of online public content for kids – much of it from the biggest brands that kids love the most – Disney, Sesame Street, LEGO, and much more.   MyxShare Mixtapes are a tool for parents to help collect and share the best of it, presented with a touch-friendly visual interface on any modern device.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers can quickly assemble or update Mixtapes specifically focused on kids.   The Mixtapes can be focused on education, fun, or a rewarding mix of both to keep interest levels high.   With the MyxShare Mixtape community and sharing features, communities can share and rank the best kids zones in their communities of interest.   Best of all, there is no cost and no software to install or maintain.

Future releases will include ongoing roll-out of parental control features.   Start building and sharing your kids Mixtapes now!

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MyxShare Fan Zones are ‘collections-of-collections’, for professionals and enthusiasts to manage categories of Mixtapes sharing a theme.   Record labels may use them to aggregate the Mixtapes for their portfolio artists.   TV fans may create collections of TV-series oriented Mistapes.   Die-hard sports fans may use a Mixtape to manage their grouping of NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA sports team Mixtapes.

Contact us if you’d like to be among the first MyxShare Fan Zone moderators.

CATEGORY Content Curation

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