1. What is a Mixtape?

    A Mixtape is a collection of user-selected tracks from multiple sources.

    In the past, 'sources' meant vinyl records and radio, and cassette tapes were the medium of choice to record and play the mixtape tracks in stereo sound systems, cars, and portable players like the iconic Sony Walkman™.

    MyxShare Mixtapes are a reinvention of the mixtape concept for free streaming media. Custom collections of content from multiple streaming sources, shareable with anyone, compatible with all modern devices and screen sizes. All that's required is a browser and and Internet connection.

  2. What's the difference between a Mixtape and a Playlist?

    Playlists are hand-picked collections of tracks sourced within a single streaming service or app. Mixtapes are collections of tracks sourced from multiple streaming sources.

    On day one, we're starting with Youtube as the primary source because it's the dominant source of streaming content. We're testing the addition of Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Facebook for upcoming releases. Now is the time to reserve a cool username and kick off your Mixtape experience!

  3. How do I make a Mixtape?

    Click on any of the 'Make a Mixtape' buttons on the MyxShare home page or any Mixtape page and follow the 2-step process: 1) reserve a username, and 2) log in to launch your Mixtape. After that, you can select the settings menu to adjust your Mixtape look and feel and/or add/remove tracks at will.

  4. How do I log in to my Mixtape?

    Click on the Mixtape icon at the top right of the Mixtape page or home page, or click on any of the 'Make a Mixtape' buttons. Your status will be detected and you'll be taken to the login screen if needed. If you're already logged in, you'll be taken directly to your Mixtape page or the settings index.

  5. How do I log out of my Mixtape?

    Select 'logout' from the pull-down settings menu at the upper right of the page.

  6. How do I share my Mixtape?

    Use the share buttons in the middle of your Mixtape page, or just copy the address of your Mixtape page from the address bar and paste it anywhere.

  7. How do I find other Mixtapes?

    Look for the expandable search bar at the top right of your Mixtape or the MyxShare home page and enter search text. Search text can include usernames, categories, video titles, etc. We're continuing to enhance our search to reach deeper into the content data for more accurate results.

    You can also go to the MyxShare home page and scroll down to the 'Featured' section, which contains a sample of Mixtapes from all categories.

    Additional options for discovery are coming soon!

  8. How do Mixtapes work?

    Mixtapes are basically visual directories. When you add content to your Mixtape, you’re adding a visual link to it wherever it resides. You’re not copying it, and we’re not broadcasting or proxying it. When you play the content, you’re connecting directly to the content in the location the content owner intended. We’re not getting in the way of the content creator–to–user relationship, nor are we impacting the content owners analytic data. Mixtapes send trsaffic to the content owners, so it's guilt-free content streaming!

  9. Are Mixtapes only for Youtube content?

    No. We’re starting with Youtube to prove in the platform because it is the #1 online content site, but we’ll be rolling out additional sources, including Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud and general Internet sites on an ongoing basis.

  10. Are Mixtapes free?


  11. Is there a fee for MyxShare Pro accounts?

    No. At this point, pro doesn’t mean premium, it refers to additional features that professionals may want …things like iTunes and Amazon badges for the content displayed, and additional image and logo options. More pro features will be rolling out on a regular basis.

  12. Do Mixtapes copy content?

    No. Mixtapes don’t copy content or infringe on copyright law.

  13. Do Mixtapes broadcast or proxy content?

    No. Mixtapes connect the user directly to the content streaming source.

  14. Do I have to register to use MyxShare Mixtapes?

    No. You can view any Mixtape by clicking on links people share with you, or you can go to to preview featured Mixtapes and search for other Mixtapes.

  15. Why reserve my own username?

    With you own username, you can create your own free Mixtape and begin to build your collection. Sharing it with others is as easy as sending them a link.

  16. What is the difference between MyxShare and MyxShare Pro users?

    MyxShare Pro users have extra features that non-pro users might not want to be bothered with, like sales badges, custom logos and things like that. Mixtape functionality is the same.

  17. Can anyone select an MyxShare Pro user type?


  18. Can I change my MyxShare account to MyxShare Pro?

    Yes, at any time.

  19. Can I change my MyxShare Pro account to MyxShare?

    Yes, at any time.

  20. Why do you ask for my name?

    We ask for your name, nickname, or whatever people call you to help them find you. Your friends may not know your username but if they search on your name, it will help them find you. We only display your username, we don’t display or share what you enter as your full name.

  21. Why do you ask for my region or city?

    To help people search for Mixtapes by geo location.

  22. Will Mixtapes have ads?

    Yes, that’s part of how we’ll keep Mixtapes free for the average user. However, we’re working on some innovative ad concepts that we’ll be rolling out so that ads don’t ruin the user interface we’ve built. Sign up and we’ll keep you in the loop!

  23. How can professionals take advantage of Mixtapes?

    Professionals can use Mixtapes as an ideal showcase for their portfolio of work. Unlike personal websites, Mixtapes are part of a growing community of peers and fans. Unlike facebook and twitter, your content doesn’t disappear forever down everyone’s feeds–it’s always there for them to check out. Unlike Youtube, it’s all about you, not about you and all those ‘related videos’. Best of all, Mixtapes are free, fully under your control, and no website design service is required.

  24. Can users customize their Mixtapes?

    Yes! Users can choose themes and provide the images that make the biggest visual impact for their Mixtape. Many more themes to choose from will be rolling out on an ongoing basis, and additional customization capability is on the roadmap.

  25. Can I get involved with MyxShare?

    Sure, we’d love that. We’re always looking for Web Design and Content Curation ninjas. Best bet is to use the contact form to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take it from there.

  26. What’s next for MyxShare Mixtapes?

    We have several new features on deck behind the curtain waiting for release, and we’re working on some very unique media consumption stuff. We’re starting very simple to make sure we can support a solid launch, but there is a lot more coming!

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